Practicing something new

2016-08-18 15:54:16 by Sillytune

Working on improving mixing & mastering, so right now it's just test-compositions'n reengineering raw samples. 

Either way, while i'll be here, and post more songs, i can't give exact timeline, since i'm not sure

So expect new songs in sometimes!


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2016-08-18 21:44:16

keep the motivation up
i liked your last of us cover
would like to see some techno or maybe music for animations(ambient)
just recomendations

Sillytune responds:

On techno i have zero to none experience, but I WANT to do something like...

As for stuff for animations, tell me, do you have something that you'd prefer to hear?

Anyhow, thanks for the comment, it means a lot mate!


2016-08-19 15:12:21

well for animations the music depends alot of what it is about
but creationg any ambient would be nice

if you ever do pm me
would like to see how it sounds

Sillytune responds:

Ye man, no worries will do.

Right now i'm focusing on a cover that i'm doing as a colab with a friend

Stone Sour - Tired

After that i should be back on regular track :)